12, 37 & 67 Marker test performed by Family Tree DNA


*DNA that is carried on the Y chromosome can only be passed from father to son.  The Y-DNA for all of the above tested males descended from Heinrich Frey who was born in Germany in 1673.  In the 343 tests that are reported above, there are 339 exact matches.

Mutations randomly occur in nature and are shown in red, above, as a mismatch.  It is impossible to tell at which generation level, or with whom, these mutations occurred without testing all of the living Frey, Fry, Frye males that descended from Heinrich Frey.

If you are a male with the surname of Frey, Fry, or Frye and want to know if you are descended from Heinrich Frey, y-DNA testing should be able to tell you definitively.  CAUTION  There are several companies performing y-DNA testing for genealogical purposes and each one of these companies will use a slightly different set of allele markers to test and their reports will be in a different format.  Therefore, we advise you to use the same company that we have used, Family Tree DNA.  www.familytreedna.com