The HFFA was formed to foster and perpetuate research into the genealogy of Heinrich Frey, his wife Anna Catherine Levering and their descendants.  Heinrich emigrated from Altheim in the province of Alsace, Germany to the United States of America.  He arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in October 1685 and eventually settled in Germantown, Pennsylvania.


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DESCENDANT MEMBER: Any person who has proven a direct descendant of Heinrich Frey. Only descendant members may vote and hold office in the association.
· ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Any person who is a surviving spouse of a direct descendant of Heinrich Frey.
· SPECIAL MEMBER: Any person who is interested in Frey Family genealogical research, but who has not proven direct descent from Heinrich Frey.

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Due to Covid-19, our next Frey Family reunion has been postponed from 2021 to 2022.


President of the HFFA


As we start 2020, Gretchen Fry Harvey takes over as our new HFFA President.


We welcome all direct descendant of Heinrich Frey to the HFFA and hope that you enjoy our website. 


We are all volunteers interested in our genealogy and hope to assist you on your family research. 


If you find this website interesting and are a direct descendant, we invite you to join our wonderful organization.  Membership is currently $25 a year.  It is simple to join!  Complete your information on the “Contact/Join” tab and send to Mrs. Marti Frye, Member Chair, or send it to me at


Our biennial reunions are held in the USA where we have had, and may have today, a family presence.  They usually run from a Wednesday to Sunday with two days of exploring the local cemeteries and sites related to the history of our forefathers, plus a day for a business meeting.  During our business meeting we include local speakers knowledgeable about our family heritage, speakers from the family who have done their own research and/or visited other sites around the world of our forbearers.  We also try to include local tourist attractions as we also learn about our heritage from these sites.  Past reunions have been held in Winchester, Virginia; Kansas City/St. Joseph, Missouri; Morgantown, Pennsylvania, southeast Kansas; central Texas, Pacifica, California, Hannibal, Missouri and Shelbyville, Kentucky. 


We are here to support and encourage our family to learn more about their direct lineage.  Let’s work together to fill in the gaps on our family tree!



HFFA members present at our July 2013 Reunion in Kansas City, MO.

HFFA group outside the 1770 Germantown Meeting House in Pennsylvania during our 2015 Reunion.

2017 Reunion in Hannibal, MO

Reunion organizer, Anne Pasieka, a former resident of Hannibal, MO, stands with Richard Frey, Janet Goforth and Wilma Mayfield in front of the Mighty Mississippi River.

Mt. Zion Christian Church

Dinner on a Mississippi Riverboat!

HFFA members present at our 2009 Reunion in Texas.

HFFA members attending the 2011 Reunion in Winchester, VA.

HFFA members visiting the Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph, MO during our 2013 Reunion where we learned more about Cousin Johnny Fry who was the first Pony Express Rider.

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The Jordan-Buffalo Cemetery

2019 Shelbyville, Kentucky Reunion

The grave of several Fry’s in Grove Hill Cemetery

Wilma Mayfield gives to the Rockbridge Methodist Church a lantern that was used in the church before electricity.

Fort Boonesborough

The Cane Ridge Meeting House

Built 1791

The Jacob Spears Mansion

His distillery developed the first Bourbon Whiskey.

While we ate lunch at Blue Licks State Park/Battlefield, we were entertained by the playing of mountain dulcimers.

Monument to those who died in the Blue Licks battle in the American Revolution  1782. 


Door to Guest rooms in the Ewalt home.  The home owners would lock the door at night so guests could not come downstairs and steel silverware or other items of value.

Farewell “Derby Day” dinner at Claudia Sanders Restaurant.

Claudia is the wife of “The Colonel”.