Hannibal, MO — HFFA Reunion

June 15—18, 2017  Day 1

Membership Chairman, Marti Frye, greets and registers all members to our 2017 reunion.

Cousins Anne Pasieka and Jon Frye give a brief history about all of our prior reunions.

Cousin Anne Pasieka, our host for the reunion in Hannibal, MO, is presented with a certificate of appreciation.

Local Frey, Fry, Frye history display.

Cousin Norm Schulze talks about his trip to Altheim, Germany, the birthplace of Heinrich Frey.

The attentive audience!

Boxed lunch from Panera Bread.

Cabot Harvey is only trying to help.

“Do we know what Heinrich Frey’s y-DNA was?”  A presentation by Cousin Richard Frey.

(The answer is yes.)

Our 2016-2017 Officers and Directors.

Front row L to R:  Janet Goforth, Anne Pasieka, Gene Frey (President), Ralph E. Frye, Mike Speers (Treasurer)

Back row L to R:  Thelma McKenzie, Gretchen Fry Harvey (Secretary), Richard Frey (webmaster), Jon Frye (Vice-President)

Descendants of Heinrich Frey and Anna Levering.

All attendees of our 2017 Hannibal, MO Reunion.

Hannibal, MO

The Mighty Mississippi!